Saturday, November 28, 2009


Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I hope you guys all had fun! I did. It was so much fun to go to Karl and Holli's house again for Thanksgiving. We missed not having Ben and Dave and Holly and Jed and Aaron there.. :( But Amanda's dad came and so did a friend of Holli and Karl's, Daniel. The night before Alan, Matt, and I went up to Afton, as well as Karl and Holli and their kids, to hang out with the Marlowe and Paul A. families. It was lots of fun! They had tacos and played walleyball and basketball. I played with all of the little kids, which was also fun!
Thanksgiving day we all had lots of fun playing the Wii...a lot! Josef pretty much beat everyone on Mario Kart! He's really good.. and I did really good at bowling!.. Too bad I can't bowl that well in real life.
All the babies had lots of fun playing together too!!!

Zoey was also wearing her two pony

tail hat for a little while too! I love this picture! And don't worry, Holli assured me that the underwear was clean.

We also had delicious appetizers of fruit and vegetable trays and cheese and crackers. Holli made an amazingly delicious cheeseball!! Amalie (as well as everyone else) enjoyed the food a lot.. as you can see :D

Here's some of us in the kitchen talking and working on making dinner.. Ruth looks really worried but she wasn't really, she just had her hand there. And you can see the delicious turkey in the background on the counter.

After we finished eating and everything was cleaned up the tough people went outside and played frisbee golf. That was only a few people though. Most of us stayed inside and talked. I normally would have played but it was freezing outside and there was snow on the ground so I had no interest at all in going outside and freezing to death, that's why there aren't any pictures :D But they said it was fun! And eventually we had pie and then everyone started leaving. And I almost forgot to have people draw for names. Sarah reminded me after Peter and Amanda had already left. But here's the list:

Mom and Dad are giving a gift to Dave and Holly and Jed

Ben to Sarah

Karl and Holli's family to Alan

Ruth, Aaron, and their boys to Karl and Holli's family

David, Holly, and Jed to Ruth, Aaron and their boys

Peter, Amanda, and their family to Mom and Dad

Alan to Matt

Sarah to Hannah

Matt to Peter, Amanda and their family

Hannah to Ben

* I will also email you guys this list!*

I also want to post a picture of my latest art project! It is a locker cover. In the art room we each have lockers to put our projects that we're working on and our pencils and stuff like that. But the lockers are really boring so we all made covers to cover them with. It was also a contest :D But my class has people that work slowly so they haven't finished theirs yet so we still don't know who won :( But I am very proud of it and I hope I win!! I also have to say that my awesome friend, Ariel Ferrin, helped me so I can't take all of the credit, I just did the hardest part ;)

Monday, October 19, 2009

Catchin' Up!

Wow!!It has been a really long time since I've posted anything... so this is going to be pretty long..I guess I'll just tell you some of the highlights that have happened!Last school year I had this really fun project to do in Geometry and my group was way fun and we got really good pictures.. so I'll put some of them on! The project was to find different everyday objects and find the area or perimeter of them. So we got to wander around the school and measure and take pictures! Here are some of the better ones:

We had to measure the flag pole!She wanted to climb it, we didn't make her, promise :D

This is me and Jenny! :D

Then it was memorial day! This wasthe day before when we were at Pampa's house playing Scrabble... I think Pampa won (of course)! After the ceremony they had Pampa go home and change into his whites and we went up and took pictures at the new memorial.

It was raining at the Cemetery and this was
Jenny's umbrella :D

Right after school was out I went to Laramie for three weeks for H.S.I. or High School Institute! It was soo much fun! and I made a ton of new friends! At this program there were two classes we took and we had some sign-up activities and lots of down time where we can hang out and do tons of other stuff! My room was the best place to get wireless internet for some reason and in one of my classes we got to take MAC laptops back to our rooms to "edit and work on our films" haha.. so we hung out in my room a lot! One time we were playing spoons and I got a nasty rug burn on my hip bone, that game of spoons eventually turned into a marker war because we had been using markers as the spoons. We also got to go to Denver one weekend and go to the IMAX theater and a Rockies
game! We also went to an AMAZING Italian buffet called Cinzetti's, it
was delicious! It was tons of fun! During
the last week the boys sang 'I'm Yours' to us girls while we stood on the balcony that looked into the lobby of the 5th floor (the boys' floor) and they gave us flowers!The lobby was where we usually hung out.

This is when Holli and the kids came for two weeks for swim lessons! Here's a cute video of Quincey eating an ice cream cone (that he was sharing with Holli).

And Zoey!

Here's at girls camp! Me and Janna! Janna has her skit make-up on... She was Healy from "Annie" when they're doing that radio talk show thing...

And after the skit when she started to wash it off :(

Alexa and Ashley at camp. They went on a hike and clumsy Alexa tripped and... this was the result.

This was the last day of camp and we were sitting in Ben's car for some reason I let him use my camera...

This is my hair right after I got it cut just before school started.

This is Conference weekend when everyone came to visit! I was trying to get a picture of the boys and their cute pink ties (lent by Alan of course) but Dad and Ben refused to wear one.

Here's the first snow fall of the season. The snow was so heavy all of the trees were bent :(

Homecoming! The theme was Blast from the Past... my dress was "Summer Daze".. I say it's from "Grease". I really love that dress!

And in the beginning of October I went to a Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) conference in Casper.. so here's a coupla pictures with me and Jenny and Janna!

So that's some highlights of what's been going on! I will try to update more often!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Family Vacation!

Hello! I decided to get a blog so that everyone would know what we were up to down here. So, for my first blog I decided to put pictures on from out trip to New York a couple of weeks ago to go and visit Grandma and Grandpa Zollweg! I just got a camera! But I didn't get it until the way home. So I only have pictures of the second half.
We left on Friday April 3 and we got there on Sunday evening. And we had the pleasure of Holli and Karl and their kids on the trip! The first day we were there, Grandpa had a really big tree that needed to be cut down because it was in the way. So they hired this company to come and cut it down. It was great entertainment for the morning! Then we had to move all the wood and branches to the back and Josef, Amalie, and Zoey had fun playing in the yard that was really wet and muddy! Then we went on a tour through Palmyra. First we went to the Joseph Smith Homestead. That was really neat and fun to see again, even though it was snowing and really cold. Next we went to Hill Cumorah, but we only stayed for a minute because it was REALLY windy and snowy there. And last we went to the place that they published the Book of Mormon. (I can't remember what it was called. :D) Then we left on Thursday morning. :( But we got to go up to Niagra Falls! It was soo cool! And luckily I have pictures!
I know this has nothing to do with Niagra Falls,
but i thought that the steeple looked like an
onion so I had to take a picture. :D

Then when we were done there we were on our way home! And the last stop we made was in Nebraska at Council Bluffs. (I have pictures of that too!) We were finally home on Sunday afternoon! And I didn't want to be in the car going anywhere far for awhile... but on Monday I had to go to Jackson with my dad. But it was okay because i got about 3 driving hours!